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What is Graph Database

Graph database is a specialized type of database that uses graph structures to store, organize, and query data. Unlike traditional relational databases, which use tables and rows, graph databases leverage nodes, edges, and properties to represent and store data.

Complex Data Modeling and Analysis

Graph database allows for more flexible and efficient representation of complex relationships and interconnected data.

Advanced Data Exploration

Graph database offers powerful querying capabilities to traverse and analyze the relationships between entities, enabling advanced data exploration, pattern discovery, and real-time insights

Custom-built dashboards

If you have a specific visualization requirement, we can create a custom-built dashboard that displays the data in a way that is tailored to your needs. 

Data storytelling

Using data storytelling techniques, such as charts and images, can provide meaning and context to data beyond just presenting visualizations or dashboards.

Graph visualization tools

Create graph visualization tools for users to visualize graph database data. The tools offer interactive graphics for exploring and filtering data, and provide detailed information on each node and relationship.

Business intelligence (BI) tools

Integrate BI tools with graph database and create visualizations of the data. These tools typically provide a range of chart and graph types, as well as the ability to customize the visualization to meet specific needs.

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Fintech Analytics

Graph based Network Analytics used to evaluate the relationships between various entities in the Supply Chain 1000s of Nodes can be analyzed in one view.

● Proximity of Business relationships
● Magnitude of transactions
● Entity Details such as Credit Ratings, Frauds etc
● Complex filters to provide Point-Of-View Data

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